My 10 Favorite Albums of All Time (Part 2)

I think the hardest part about making a list of 10 albums that I love listening to from top to bottom, is that there are more than 10 albums I could think of that I enjoy from top to bottom. I really think lists like these are dependent on the author’s mood when they came up with the list. Know that just because I list these 10 as my favorite albums, other albums like Hunky Dory by David Bowie, 36 Chambers by Wu Tang Clan, and a number of others could have easily made my list.

Here’s the second half of my top 10 favorite albums ever in no particular order (part 2 of 2):

I Love You, Honeybear by Father John Misty – 2015 – The first time I heard Father John Misty was on the KEXP Live podcast. I thought his voice was amazing and his words were devastating. Songs like “Bored in the USA” and “Holy Shit” are what make him so great. They’re poignant and biting. It’s commentary on our daily lives, while also being somewhat satirical and sarcastic. This album is the epitome of this music style before it becomes pretentious. I always recomend this album when people want to hear music off the regular radio rotation.

Day and Age by The Killers – 2008 – Rarely is there an album I listen to where I think any of these songs could have been used as the lead single to promote the full album. You rarely find albums where every song could have been released as a single, been a hit, and it could have re defined what the band was about. Day and Age is an album of hit singles in a compilation. That’s what I love about it. “Dustland Fairytale” is different from “Spaceman” which is different from “Neon Tiger”. Most albums, artists try to tell a story in the track progression. Day and Age feels more like a greatest hits package.

Give Up by The Postal Service – 2003 – I can’t think of any major album of it’s time, that sounds like Give Up. The lyrics and the rythms are just unmatched. The fact that you hear so many of these songs at major sporting events, and people enjoy the songs but have no idea what the songs or album are, says a lot. It’s electronic music structured in a way that doesn’t sound like standard electronic music. Songs like “Recycled Air” and “We Will Become Silhouettes” don’t sound like Daft Punk, David Guetta, etc. I think that’s why I like this album. It stretches the genre, but is also very pleasant.

The Bones of What You Believe by CHVRCHES – 2013 – This is another album that I feel pushes a genre and is something entirely different from most other albums that were out at the time. When I first heard “The Mother We Share”, I knew I found one of my new favorite bands. Lauren Mayberry’s vocals backed by Iain Cook and Martin Doherty on synthesizers are reminiscent of a New Wave/Dance genre style but it almost feels like they improve on it. Like they pushed it forward. The Wiki for the album calls the genre Synth Pop, but when you listen to the album, I’ve always felt the genre being played is kind of hard to pin down. The thing I know for sure, it’s fun to listen to.

On the Radio by Donna Summer – 1979 – This one is a compilation album of some of Donna Summer’s most recognized hit songs. Compilation albums can sometimes be great collections of an artists work, but I feel can lose steam in either the arrangement of the tracks, the songs selected, or just the overall feel of the final album. This is the best example of what a compilation album should be. Donna Summer made songs for the dance floor. The songs curated for this album span her career but the way the tracks are arranged are how I think a DJ would curate songs for a set. The tracks flow into each other. There are fast tracks mixed with medium tracks and slow tracks. If you were to do a Donna Summer night at a club, and just play this mix from first track to last, the way it’s set in the album, it would work in getting the crowd moving. It’s just so smart in it’s track selection and arrangement.


Those albums were my top 10 favorite albums ever in no particular order. If you’re a fan of the same albums and ever want to talk about it, feel free to comment, otherwise if you’ve never heard of some of these albums and are looking for new music maybe give these ones a shot. I promise, you’re in for something different.

Have a Nice Day.